Discovering the Value of No. 11 Limestone: Elevate Your Projects with Precision

Unveiling the Essence of #11 Limestone: A Construction Marvel

Welcome to Acadiana Shell & Limestone, your guide to understanding the remarkable qualities of no.11 limestone. As a foundational construction material, #11 limestone introduces a unique blend of durability and functionality to a variety of projects. Whether your endeavors span residential, commercial, or industrial sectors, #11 limestone offers the strength and versatility you need.

Exploring the Characteristics of No. 11 Limestone

#11 limestone, commonly known as “screenings” or “crushed limestone fines,” is a finely crushed aggregate derived from larger limestone rocks. With a particle size that ranges from fine dust to approximately 3/8 inch, it offers a harmonious balance between compaction and drainage, making it a versatile material with diverse benefits.

Applications and Practical Uses of No. 11 Limestone

#11 limestone serves a multitude of purposes across different construction domains:

1. Subgrade Stabilization

Leverage the cohesive properties of #11 limestone to enhance subgrade stability beneath roads, driveways, and various surfaces, minimizing the risk of sinking or shifting.

2. Pathways and Walkways

Create durable and visually appealing pathways and walkways using #11 limestone, which compacts well and offers a solid foundation.

3. Driveway Base

Use #11 limestone as a dependable base material for driveways, ensuring a robust and reliable surface that withstands daily use.

4. Landscape Enhancements

Enhance your landscape with #11 limestone, perfect for crafting garden paths, borders, and decorative features that endure over time.

5. Backfill Material

Employ #11 limestone as an effective backfill material for trenches and excavations, providing stability and structure to construction projects.

Select  No. 11 Limestone from Acadiana Shell & Limestone

At Acadiana Shell & Limestone, we are dedicated to offering superior materials, and #11 limestone is no exception. With its proven performance and adaptability, #11 limestone is a valuable asset for elevating the strength and endurance of your construction undertakings. Connect with us today to explore how #11 limestone can enhance the effectiveness and longevity of your projects.

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