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Since 1984, Acadiana Shell & Limestone, Inc. has established itself as a premier limestone and construction company in South Louisiana. Our unwavering commitment to top-quality professional work has earned us respect. With strategically located sites in Abbeville, Lafayette, New Iberia, Krotz Springs, Forked Island, and satellite yards across the region, we confidently service oilfield locations, construction sites, and residential projects throughout Southern Louisiana.


Limestone, Gravel, Aggregates, Sand, Dirt, Topsoil, Mason Sand and more.


Oilfield Construction, Sitework Construction, House Pads, and more.


Culvert Sales, Culvert and Drainage layout and Installation, Drainage Consultation and more.


Abbeville, Lafayette, New Iberia, Krotz Springs, and satellite yards in South Louisiana.

We Rock the Coast…and Beyond!

How it Began

The name Acadiana Shell & Limestone dates back to a time when clam shells, dredged from the Gulf of Mexico, were the primary source of fill and road base in southern Louisiana.

And Now

Acadiana Shell & Limestone sells material to contractors, municipalities, individuals and oil companies. In addition to limestone, the company sells other products, such as sand and dirt, as well as drainage pipe and supplies.

Where We Are

With five yards in south-central Louisiana, Acadiana Shell & Limestone is headquartered in Abbeville. Other locations are Lafayette, New Iberia, Krotz Springs and Forked Island. All the yards are located near water so limestone can be barged in, which makes it more affordable.

Acadiana Shell & Limestone: Adapting and Excelling in Material Supply

Shifting from Clam Shells to Limestone: A Historical Transition

In the annals of Acadiana Shell & Limestone, the origins hark back to an era when clam shells, dredged from the Gulf of Mexico, dominated as primary fill and road base materials in southern Louisiana.

An Evolutionary Journey: From Coastal Shell to Acadiana Shell & Limestone

Eddie Young, President of the company, reminisces, “My brother Kim and I initiated the venture in 1984 as Coastal Shell, eventually rebranding it as Acadiana Shell.” The 1980’s marked a pivotal juncture, prompting the incorporation of ‘limestone’ into the nomenclature. This transformation mirrored the realization that environmental concerns had cast a shadow on shell dredging’s future. The company’s seamless transition to limestone was reinforced by customer acceptance, and the term ‘shell’ was retained as a nod to tradition and customer preferences.

Strategic Locations and Affordable Accessibility

With five well-positioned yards in south-central Louisiana, including Abbeville, Lafayette, New Iberia, Krotz Springs, and Forked Island, Acadiana Limestone’s operations are geographically well-spread. All yards are strategically situated adjacent to water bodies, allowing cost-effective limestone transportation by barge.

Diverse Clientele and Comprehensive Offerings

Catering to contractors, municipalities, individuals, and oil companies, Acadiana Shell & Limestone‘s primary focus remains on limestone. However, the product line extends to encompass sand, dirt, drainage pipe, and various supplies, all orchestrated to provide a one-stop solution for customer convenience.

Committed Ownership and Expertise

Under the joint leadership of co-owners Eddie and Kim, Acadiana Shell & Limestone thrives. Eddie directs sales, shop management, mechanics, and truck operations from the Abbeville location, alongside the assistance of his son Clay Young and seasoned employee Sonny Gros. Kim oversees financial matters, managing the Lafayette yard alongside his son Everett Young and stepson Douglas “Biff” Koonce.

Adept Workforce and Exemplary Service

Boasting a comprehensive workforce of 46 employees, each location is equipped with a dispatcher and loader operator. Further, approximately 20 truck drivers contribute to seamless operations, while the office accommodates a team of six. The company’s commitment to excellence is fortified by a dedicated service/construction division.

Elevated Customer Service: A Defining Trait

Distinguishing itself within the competitive landscape, Acadiana Shell & Limestone underscores its unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service. Eddie elucidates, “Our availability transcends conventional hours; we open gates before competitors and extend service beyond weekdays.” Kim adds, “Service is paramount, reflected in our fleet of 25 delivery trucks. We often supplement this with additional trucks to uphold service excellence.”

Continual Growth and the Path Ahead

Both Kim and Eddie Young foresee Acadiana Shell & Limestone‘s expansion.  The impending challenge of navigating regulatory thresholds looms, but the company’s commitment to unparalleled service remains unwavering.

As Acadiana Shell & Limestone evolves, one thing remains constant – a commitment to customer-centric excellence. Reflecting on the journey, Eddie emphasizes, “Our growth philosophy hinges on our ability to provide superior service.” Indeed, the company’s progression defies expectations, culminating in an exceptional legacy of quality service. As the future unfolds, Acadiana Limestone remains poised to embrace new opportunities while staying true to its commitment: “WE ROCK THE COAST!”

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